I have had the opportunity to work with Robyn Kuhns on 10 episodes of our Live Psychic show here on Access 7 called "Spirit Connections". It has been a very large success on several fronts.


The overwhelming response from viewers has been one of excitement and surprise. Excited that such a show exists in their city, and surprised by how good it is. Robyn has truly made this show her own with her entertaining, honest, and engaging approach to the viewers and callers. Her insight and the care with which she dispenses is appreciated by viewers both on the air, and by email.


Robyn has also expanded the scope of the show by bringing in an interesting assortment of guests, from reflexology to astrology. Her interviews feel like a "kitchen table" conversation, as she is able to bring out the interesting tidbits and relate them to everyday life.


The show has elicited a greater interest from within our own building and within my family than I could have anticipated. We have a successful collaborative effort that results in a positive, entertaining, and successful weekly live program. I am convinced a person of lesser personality, charisma, and talent than Robyn would not have yielded such results.

-Terry Bell, Producer, Access Communications