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Robyn Carissa


Psychic Medium Healer

Psychic Counsellor

Soul Healer

Past Life Regressionist


Dream Analysis


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The Power of Manifestation - How to get what you want by removing limitations.  Excellent for:


    • On-Stage Events 
    • Corporate Seminars 
    • One on One Sessions


Robyn, the Real Psychic, is a soul healer that is able to help guide people on their life paths with concise and accurate readings. She is known as the Real Psychic since the advice and healing she provides is honest and straight to the point. Robyn has helped many people find peace and satisfaction in all aspects of their life – spiritual, mental and physical. Robyn’s mission is to teach others about manifestation of health, wealth and happiness… with the end goal of helping one create any dream into reality.


This inspirational and motivational teacher does not profess to have any abilities that anyone is not born with as everyone has intuition. And because of each persons ability to be intuitive Robyn is able teach others as long as they believe in a higher power and have the ability to connect.


Robyn, the Real Psychic, is a Psychic Counselor, Soul Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotherapist as well as a Motivational/ Inspirational speaker that is able to help individuals and workplaces succeed. Her ‘tell it how it is’ characteristics and healing guidance make her the Real Psychic.


"Robyn has been our most requested guest since she debuted on our program.”

-Ballsy, 104.9 The Wolf’s Big Breakfast Show

“The overwhelming response from viewers has been one of excitement and surprise.”

-Terry Bell, Producer, Access Communications